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EnergyBarTM 250

2.0 x 16.5 x 6.3 in. | 8 lbs.

The EnergyBar 250 contains massive portable power that can be charged from solar panels, solar generators, wall sockets, and car lighter adapters.


The lightest high-capacity battery pack available. Stop searching for outlets; bring your own.

Discover the freedom to roam with portable power that fits in your backpack, overhead compartment, or with your gear. Power domestic or international electronic equipment up to 100 watts with the universal AC outlet, 12V lighter socket, or four USB sockets.

how it works

The EnergyBar 250 uses advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, and is three times lighter and lasts twice as long as an equivalent lead-acid battery.

The 20Ah (250Wh) battery can sit idle for years and only self-discharge at a minor 0-2% power per month, making it ideal for anyone from the weekend camper to the outdoors professional.


solar generator

SunSocket Solar Generator


solar panel
+ battery

Duo-Flex Solar Panel + Battery

EnergyBar 250

battery pack

EnergyBar 250 Solar Battery Pack

Smart enough to bring technology along for the ride,
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AspectSolar is a pioneer of portable solar energy products, providing lifestyle solutions to the rest of the pioneers out there. Our products help people stay connected while getting away. Everything warmed by the light of the sun was put here for us to explore. AspectSolar supports the pioneers, the nomads, and the discoverers by removing the boundaries that keep them from going further.

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